Sunday, March 04, 2007

All the world is all I am

I got to thinking about 'community' today. Usually it's in the context of the "Indian Community" when I think about my parents and their group of friends. Today I read two short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri so I guess that brought on this whole pondering. By the way, the two stories I read were fantastic, and available online so take a look if you've got some time:
Once in a Lifetime

Anyway, back to 'community'. I've started noticing something fairly recently when I go about my day (usually running errands or working out). If I'm on the Eastside, I almost always see someone I recognize while I'm out and about. Of course, it's because everyone and their dog works at Microsoft, but it's still kind of interesting that after living here only 4 years this is a pretty regular occurrence. I also noticed a couple of names I knew in the newsletter from the Humane Society listing recent donors.

Yesterday we went to a brunch celebrating our friends' Dave and Lisa's upcoming wedding. We knew one other person there (besides the happy couple, of course). Now TJ and I are not the most social people, but we ended up having a great time. A bunch of Dave's family were there, and they're just really nice people. It was comfortable, and fun.

Anyway, I guess that's what it means to put down roots somewhere. To have a place that truly feels like home (not just the house, but the whole surrounding area). We know where the good dog parks are, where to get bagels, and I could think of a half-dozen places to go walking today when I wanted some exercise. I chose the Sammamish River Trail, starting at Marymoor Park, and saw the General Manager of my old group at work, out for a bike ride with his three daughters.

While we're not party people, we've got a pretty good selection of friends to call on when we want to do something fun.

I guess my timing's not great - TJ has come to a different conclusion, that Seattle isn't the place he wants to spend many more years, thanks to the crappy weather and his affection for convertibles and motorcycles. We don't have any specific plans yet to make any changes. I'm hoping the place will grow on him a bit more - after all, I had a 3 year head start in graduate school, so he hasn't seen quite as many gorgeous summers here as I have.

And on a completely unrelated note, I made a killer healthy veggie quiche today. I guess that's becoming one of my specialties since I've made it so many times. Now if I could just find a healthier pre-made pie crust for it, I'd be all set. The whole-wheat one from Trader Joe's is the best, but only available in Nov/Dec. Pillsbury just has too many synthetic ingredients, and *lard* for crying out loud, though the calorie/fat count isn't too awful.

Now I'm going to indulge in my cheesy side and watch the Oprah documentary about the school she opened in South Africa. Ta!

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  1. I am so glad you guys came and had a good time! We appreciate being part of your community and enjoy the opportunites that we have to socialize with you. Hopefully there will be many many more opportunites in the future.


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