Sunday, March 04, 2007

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Whew - this blog has gotten very heavy and emotional lately, hasn't it? Well, that's not any fun.

I used to joke that if you have more than three adjectives (not including size) to describe your drink at Starbucks, then you're officially high-maintenance. For example, mine is a "tall nonfat 1-pump chai". I just barely squeak by as not quite high maintenance. But the lady who orders "Grande decaf nonfat no-whip extra-hot mocha": she's definitely high maintenance.

Starbucks, already a favorite in my book, has got an interesting advertising concept going on with another of my favorites, Project Runway.

Mychael, one of the PR finalists from last season, has created some drawings representing peoples' drink orders. Starbucks was giving away T-shirts last month with these drawings, and even has some up for auction on a charity website.

But the most fun part of this is the interactive designer where you can build your own drink drawing. Here's mine:

If you want to play with this and get your own drawing, click on the 'Get a shirt' link at the bottom of


  1. So I guess my grande non-fat 2 pumps sugar free hazelnut latte makes me high maintenance? Is it my fault I want sugar free and they always use too much? I can't even use that excuse for the grande non-fat 2 pumps no whip gingerbread latte. Oh well. KB

  2. By the way, I'm in the "couch" phase of the couch to 5k this weekend. Just got back from a week of travel and my tivo had about 25 shows waiting for me (including the ones I ignored before I left). Damn you, tivo! KB

  3. "Hot chocolate. Large."

    Not "tall" or "grande". LARGE. If they need clarification I'll explain it as "The largest cup you'll sell me. If there's a pail back there that'll do fine."


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