Friday, March 09, 2007

I didn't mean to miss your birthday baby

Back from the big birthday dinner, which was yummy. I am so proud of myself - I ended up bringing most of my dinner home because I stopped eating when I was full. (Shocking concept, I know). I saved room for birthday cake, and when we left the restaurant I felt pretty good - maybe just a touch too much on the side of "full", rather than "satisfied" but certainly not where I would have been just a few weeks ago (stuffed to the point of needing to lie down).

We restarted our Netflix subscription. Whoever thought of this idea first is freakin' brilliant. It's so simple and yet perfect. I love it.

So today TJ and I watched "Invincible", the football movie with Marky Mark. Yes, I know his real serious actor name is Mark Wahlberg, but he's still Marky Mark to me. I liked the movie - it was so cheesy and inspirational, but light and entertaining. And though Marky Mark wasn't his usual gorgeous self thanks to his 70s-licious hair, it was still fun to watch. A lot of the Philadelphia scenes and people reminded me a lot of Pittsburgh.

Oh, and TJ opened his presents which I conveniently hid in our closet (under piles of clothes that don't fit) for the past few weeks. I think he liked them - I felt a little more inspired than usual this time:

  • Soldering gun + solder (ok, this he asked for directly)
  • Rolling Stones greatest hits CD
  • Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers (yes, this was partly a self-serving choice too)
  • 24 Season 1 on DVD (neither of us has ever watched it)
  • "The American President"/"Dave" on DVD (one DVD, two presidential movies!)
  • Greek Civilization history class on DVD from the Teaching Company

My mom introduced me to the Teaching Company - they have a huge listing of courses on all different subjects available on CD/download/DVD. I often catch TJ watching bad history shows on cable, so I figured he might like it. I'll report back once he's watched it.

But now I really, really should go to sleep. I've got a 9am workout with Tracy tomorrow - only 2 more weeks left with her. I've made a lot of progress with the strength training, so that's been great. She's writing up a couple of routines for me so I can continue them at home or the gym. I feel good about that.

More after the rest of the TJ Birthday Weekend festivities!


  1. Lol, I still call him "marky mark" too. No matter how famous he is, I'll always hear "good vibrations" in my head.:-)

  2. Great movie - Mike and I saw it when it came out. We wanted to see it mostly because it was set in Philly - we wanted to cheer along with the Eagles fans! We miss Philly... although quite enough to actually move back...

  3. Happy belated birthday to TJ! You have to let me know how that Greek Civ DVD goes. Jorge loves stuff like that, but I never know what to get him (he hates reading, and Discovery documentaries just aren't all that).

    Miss you guys!!



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