Friday, March 09, 2007

It takes two to make it outta sight


Today and tomorrow are the major festivities of TJ's Birthday Week. Tonight we're going out to dinner to a local restaurant called Beck's, a low key (but great) steakhouse in Redmond. I've also ordered TJ a cake from Regent Bakery, the Chinese bakery where we got our wedding cake. In fact, it's the same kind of strawberry cake we had at the wedding. Yum.

Tomorrow we're playing pool and having dinner with some of our friends. I'm looking forward to it.

And this morning I completed the second workout of Week 3 in Couch to 5K. Easier than the first one, and a great running day thanks to Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. The music makes all the difference!


  1. LOL at your blog title! Only someone the same age as me could appreciate the good music of 1989.:-) And Shabba Ranks followed shortly thereafter!

    Just curious - are you South Indian? Thought I'd ask, because of your name. I happen to be!

  2. Ah yes, 1989. I just cracked up when I heard "It Takes Two" pop up on my Shuffle this morning - it took me back to dances in my high school's cafeteria.

    (Oh, and to answer your previous question, I have the old version of the Shuffle - I want one of the new tiny clippy ones.)

    And yes, I'm of South Indian background. You?

  3. Yuppers, I'm South Indian too! My parents are originally from Chennai, and moved to Canada in 1974. Man, that sounds like ancient years!

    And I love me some idli and dosa anyday!:-)

    Where are you from?

  4. Just saw your comment on my blog - and thought I'd add that my mom is from Kerala too! Cool!

    I was born and raised here (well, here being Toronto - I'm assuming that you're blogging from somewhere in America).

    Kerala food is soooo yummy.

    Oh, and I love your name - it's beautiful, but I hope it doesn't get butchered in its pronounciation often. My brother has the male version of your name, with an "h" at the end.:-)

  5. @Sonya -
    Yeah, I get some interesting pronunciations but the people who care get it right :) And the rest, I don't care about so much.


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