Thursday, May 24, 2007

Find an old-fashioned girl

Today is such a nice day in Seattle. Except for the strange "snow" floating around, which Jenn informed me is cottonwood. Only I haven't seen any cottonwood trees with fluffy white stuff all over them, so I'm not sure where the stuff is coming from.

Spike and I went to Marymoor today and had a lovely time. We met a few puggles, a beagle mix who once stole a whole frozen chicken from a countertop, and some very floppy puppies.

After that, I took Peanut to Tully's at Redmond Town Center. I had an iced tea and he had a donut. He made friends with a couple of cute little kids who wanted to pet him, but only on the back (as far away from the teeth as possible, I guess.) And he made a little girl cry. He didn't *do* anything, but every time she looked at him she shrieked, to the point where her mom had to stand somewhere so she couldn't see Peanut anymore. He's really not that scary, is he? Her sister came over to pet him, but when he tried to lick her, she lost all courage and ran away. But she kept coming over to watch him from a few yards away - she was totally fascinated by him.

Peanut of course, was unperturbed by all this activity and waited patiently for bits of donut to fall from the sky. He did a pretty good "down-stay" for the entire 10 min it took me to get my order at Tully's. I did find him standing up when I came out, but it was a long time for him, so I figured that was pretty good.

Apparently Twitter is on the fritz so you can't see my updates anymore. Hopefully they'll fix that problem soon, because it makes my blog look stupid with that blank section on the right.

Well, time to go find a snack.


  1. Reward for Couch to 5K? Spa day in AZ + great Mexican food? Vancouver weekend? I know, not very original :) -LL

  2. Thanks LL! Great ideas, actually. Will you join me for one of those trips??


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