Thursday, May 10, 2007

Soon we will all find our lives swept away

I finally posted to my work blog after 3 months - yikes. I really should post there more often, at least weekly.

TJ pulled an all-nighter for some unexplained reason last night. He couldn't sleep so he went into work at 2am with Peanut. Apparently Peanut didn't like being at work that late (early?) so he slept nearly all day today. Poor puppy. I think he likes his routine to be predictable.

We took the pups to the dog park today - it was gorgeous out. I look forward to going often this summer, though i really wish Peanut's allergies would clear up. His fur looks awful - all dandruffy and chewed up in parts. Makes me feel like a bad dog parent.

I had lunch with Jenn and she motivated me to get off my butt and sign up for those project management course hours that I need to get the PMP certification. It's something I've vaguely considered for a while, but this week I felt like getting stuff done. My manager agreed that our team's budget could pay for my classes, so I signed up for them this evening. Thanks be to the Internet, so you can get things done without waiting for someone to be in the office.

And now that I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm going to bed. But not before giving Suz a shout out congratulating her on getting her PhD *and* having a kickass job lined up. YAY SUZ!

Oh, and I just finished watching tonight's "Grey's Anatomy". I am *so* not liking this George-Izzy storyline. Callie is totally getting the shaft here, and I completely love her character. Boo. Hopefully she's not leaving the show. Season 3 Finale is next week - what will I watch this summer? Oh wait, nothing. And then maybe I'll get to the gym more often, right?


  1. Poor peanut. People swear once you feed dogs raw food, all the problems go away. Or maybe it's time to try the fish oil stuff. Can't hurt, right?

    Work is starting to frustrate me again. I tell you, the VPs in the group I support are worthless, making arbitrary, big-impact decisions (or no decisions on the issues that really matter), without considering consequences on people. I feel like we can't do anything just once and repeat...we can't even establish processes. But enough venting....

    I do follow the Grey's Anatomy show now since everyone else in my team seems to. I agree. I like the Miranda character and the Callie character next. Guess I like strong female roles. The others in the show tend to be just caricatures or weak. There's some quiz on the G.A. home page that you can take to see who you're most like. I'm apparently like 2-dimensional Yang. Hooray.


  2. Leslie - I can see how you could be like Cristina. I don't think she's 2-D though - they're starting to show her more sensitive side lately, I think. She's one of my favorites too, esp because there are so few Asian female characters on TV that aren't caricatures. I'm going to take the quiz now!


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