Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well I guess you scared me too

Yay! The credit card thing has finally been sorted out. I have paid off my balance. But now I owe "us" some money, which I'll pay back each month. For a long time. Kinda makes me want to think about working full time again.

This is the first weekend I've been home, with no other plans. I am catching up on laundry. I think I just put in the 6th load for the week. Crazy. We watched an awesome movie tonight, called "Love Actually", a British romantic comedy from a few years ago. It was cute and funny and different. Not the usual crap Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks stuff.

On Thursday night we went back to Canlis to celebrate our 2nd anniversary, which is coming up on Monday. We reserved the "Cache", which is a tiny room upstairs for 2-3 people. It's the same little room we hung out in before and immediately after the wedding. We had a gorgeous view, and of course, the food was great as usual. (drooling thinking about the truffle fries!).

At first it was weird to be in our own room at a restaurant, but as the night wore on, and around the 3rd glass of wine, I realized it was pretty fun - we could be loud and silly and wouldn't be disturbing anyone else or getting disapproving looks.

We always ask the sommelier (Nelson, if he's around) to help us pick a wine (i.e. pick a wine for us), but on Thursday, we let him go crazy and pick a wine for each course. In total we had 6 different wines, from all over the world. It was so cool. The best was the dessert wine, a Cabernet Franc icewine from Canada that smelled and tasted like strawberry jelly. As you might imagine, this was right up TJ's alley, so we're going to try to find some more of it. YUM!

Last night (a busy week for the Creaths, huh?) we went to see Johnette Napolitano (former lead singer of Concrete Blonde) at the Triple Door Cafe, my absolute favorite concert venue in Seattle. We had dinner there while we watched the show. She's an interesting woman. *Great* voice.

I can't wait to go back to the Triple Door next week for Vienna Teng's shows on Saturday!

Peanut is really itchy again, and has been for the past month. I hope this isn't going to last all summer. I'm having my doubts about the dog dermatologist. I can't believe my puppies are 5 (Peanut) and 7 (Spike). And I can't imagine how we lived before we had them! Now that it's getting close to summer, with those glorious long days, we look forward to more trips to Marymoor.

Oh, and this morning I dragged TJ to the gym, which was the first time in a while for both of us. I (literally) worked my butt off on the treadmill and the elliptical today. I couldn't find a magazine to read so I decided to just concentrate on my heart rate monitor and listen to music. Wow, that's a much harder workout than flipping through a magazine while on the cardio machines! I guess I should do that more often. It felt really good, especially when it was over.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Icewine is great, but pricey. Let me know if you find a good place to get that stuff :)

    Waa...reading about summers and Marymoor there make me want to head up ASAP. We'll definitely go sometime, and we can head to the gym together too while we're there (if you want). I have a polar monitor too that I hardly use. I tried it while swimming last week but it didn't seem to always work in the water (though it's supposed to).

    Take care!


  2. I too am in eager anticipation of the Vienna Teng show on Saturday. We are huge fans and bought tickets the day they announced the show. In fact we are going to both shows.

    It will be great to see her and again and great to see her at the Triple Door which I agree is the best place to see a concert in Seattle. I hope you enjoy the show!

  3. Thank you for your warm comments about Canlis. We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Cache and felt at home here, and also so glad that Nelson could take such good care of you. We hope to see you again soon.
    Mark Canlis


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