Monday, May 14, 2007

You walked into my house last night

Ugh. This week has not been off to a good start. *Both* of our cars were broken into last night while they were parked in the driveway. Fortunately (unfortunately?) they were both unlocked. So the alarms didn't go off, but on the other hand, there was no damage to the cars themselves.

The bastards stole:

  • TJ's cell phone (fairly new Motorola SLVR)
  • Cell phone car charger (sold separately, of course)
  • My iPod Shuffle (which I had *just* set up with workout music)
  • Griffin FM Radio Transmitter for iPod
  • My cheap sunglasses (?)
  • TJ's Subaru manual (??)
  • TJ's car logbook (double ??)

A very strange assortment of stuff to steal, considering they left behind his leather motorcycle jacket, and a wallet of 20 CDs in my car and didn't mess with either stereo. Maybe they think my taste in music sucks.

We filed a police report and the Redmond cop who came over said he responds to about 20 of these calls per week! He thinks it's kids from Kent, Renton, etc. who need money for drugs. They used up all the prepaid minutes on TJs cell phone to buy ringtones, and call the Phillippines. I bet they were sad when his phone ran out of minutes.

I know this is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things but I'm so distracted and uneasy today, that I decided to burn a vacation day to stay home and mope/regroup/whatever. Our insurance won't cover this stuff since it's under the deductible so we'll just have to replace them, which is just another annoying errand.

The reason I wasn't parked in the garage is because TJ was cleaning it out this weekend, and we have the cabinets from our living room still in there. So I finally posted them to Craigslist and Expo today. If you know anyone who wants 18 feet of glass-fronted, solid wood cabinets suitable for CDs or other knickknacks, let me know. They're in great shape, and are in 2 pieces.

So our plan of action is to get rid of the stuff in the garage and park both cars inside. And to install a motion detector light in front. And maybe post signs saying "The Peanut is Watching You" around the front yard. Though Peanut isn't much of a watchdog, really.



  1. Holy smokes - I'm sooooo sorry about this. It really, really sucks. They are such bastards, honestly. A subaru manual? Seriously?

    I hope they get caught, and again, sorry about you having to replace all that stuff - what a pain.

    You totally deserve a brooding day.

    Positive thoughts your way, Anandi!

  2. That sucks, but I feel your pain.

    My first day in the Seattle area (way back in '95), my car got broken into in Redmond in Stan's apartment's parking lot. They pulled out the window and shattered the glass, but didn't take anything. Window hasn't been the same ever since.

    Then my car got broken into again in Kirkland in 1996 or so. Took everything from the trunk -- old tennis racquet, random assorted other junk, attempted to take the stereo. Again, under deductible, so nothing filed.

    Then my same car got broken into in Bothell in 2003. They took the mailbox key we left in our car ('cause the mailboxes were way down the slope from our apartment) and rifled through other stuff, but it looks like that was all there was. Some other cars got broken into too in the complex.

    I've had really bad luck with my Honda in the Seattle area, it seems. But they've always been in apartment parking lots, so the thievery in the driveway of your house is a little disturbing.

    So, um, that means when we visit we can squeeze our car somewhere near your house and lit driveway, right? :P

    Feel better soon. -LL

  3. Thanks LL and Sonya.

    LL - yes, you can park right under the motion sensor light! And if you bring your new car, we'll have you park in the garage instead of TJ's Subaru. No worries. Please don't let that deter you from visiting!

    TJ gave me his ipod to use until I complete the Couch to 5K program, and then I'll buy my new Shuffle as I had planned.

    Which reminds me, I should get to the gym :)


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