Friday, July 20, 2007

I don't know how I survived those days

On my way home each day, I have to walk past the flagship Nordstrom's store in downtown Seattle. That store is a true Temple of Shopping.

Today was the first day of their Anniversary Sale. This is when they put all the *new* stuff on sale for a few weeks. Then it goes back to their usual crazy expensive Nordstrom prices.

Apparently everyone in the entire city of Seattle loves a good deal, because when I got to Nordstrom at 5:45pm, the place was a zoo. The kind of craziness that would make TJ bust a cap in someone's ass. Every five minutes. The man hates shopping already - I can't imagine what an entire Nordstrom's-full of frenzied bargain shoppers would do to him. I wouldn't be that mean.

So I went there after work, thinking I might be able to find a few items for work. You see, my new company is a little less slobular than Microsoft. Even the guys at my company seem to take some effort in dressing up for work. Most wear collared shirts and long pants. I haven't seen any shorts or sweatpants yet, than I can recall. And no ratty T-shirts! In fact, I'm not sure I've seen anyone wear a T-shirt with any kind of writing on it. I wonder if that means my Queensryche shirt is going to have to be for weekend wear only. Sad.

As it turns out, my summer wardrobe is way too casual for this job - it's almost all tank tops, which would be fine if I had something to wear over them.

So I bought a couple of thin sweaters (remembering that Stacy London from 'What Not to Wear' says never to wear bulky ones), two really cool printed tops, a pair of dark wash jeans (Stacy's advice strikes again), and an incredible pair of Danskos, on sale for $40 off!!! So cool that I have to post a picture:

The look red in the pic, but they're really more of a purplish color, with cool shiny metallic flowers on them. For those of you not familiar with Danskos (and you might not be, if you live outside of comfort-shoe-happy Seattle), these are European shoes that are really well-designed to not be hard on your feet.

My absolute favorite pair of shoes EVER was a pair of shiny black Danskos and I wore them a ton over 2 years, but the upper came unglued from the sole, and the shoe repair guy couldn't fix them. He told me it was time to let them go. Turns out Dansko doesn't make that style anymore, probably because they fell apart too easily.

I have more faith in the new ones, because similar styles have been around for a long time. I can't wait to break them in, and then start walking to work in them! My feet will be *so* happy, and the best part is that they make me about an inch taller.

I think I'm done shopping for a long, long time. Since I started work last week, I've been shopping 3 evenings. It's just too easy to hit the stores on my way home, especially since I get out of work before 6:15 on most nights. The new job rocks my world!

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