Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So dry your tears and baby, walk outside

Happy Fourth of July, peeps! We got invited to two BBQs but decided to forego both since the pups get freaked out by all the firecrackers. We have some crazy neighbors who are very fireworks-happy so we tend to get some really loud blasts, which makes Peanut very afraid.

I went grocery shopping today because I was thirsty and craving a diet Coke. Instead, I found some very yummy flavored water (unsweetened) made by O Beverages. Kind of like the Glaceau flavors, before they decided to add all that aspartame crap to it. They were on sale for $1.00 each at Safeway which I figured was a small price to pay to get me to drink more water.

I also went to the Pro Club, for what's likely to be the last time since I'm quitting Microsoft and can't rationalize paying $73/month for a gym membership. (And that's the special rate for Microsoft employee spouses!)

I've done some research and narrowed down my gym choices to 24 Hour Fitness (cheap because TJ belongs there) or Redmond Athletic Club (much nicer, but still pricy at $63). I've read some pretty bad reviews online about both the Bellevue and downtown Seattle 24 Hour Fitness clubs, though, so I'm leaning towards RAC. I'm going to wait until I start my new job and see what the schedule is like, and how much walking my bus commute entails first, before signing up for any gym. If I can get a lot of walking in, I may delay signing up until fall.

Tomorrow morning I have my last meeting with my manager, and my exit interview with HR, and then I'm a free woman. (Until Monday, anyway). Spike and I will be taking off for Vancouver around 11am or so.

Woo hoo for beagles and vacation! YAY!

I uploaded my pictures from our visit to Aunt Susie's house last weekend. Here's one to get you started:

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