Friday, July 13, 2007

What I didn't know

Whew! I meant to write after Spike and I returned from Vancouver but it was a pretty tiring trip, and last weekend I wanted to prepare for my new job and get all sorts of languishing errands out of the way before I started work full-time.

So now here we are at the end of my first week at the new job. It was a long and tiring, but *very* satisfying week. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what I'm expected to do, and how I plan to accomplish it. I feel now like I did after working for a month or two at a new job at Microsoft.

This job isn't as technical, so I don't feel a huge pressure to cram huge amounts of architure and product details into my head as quickly as possible. I need to understand how our product works, and how data flows between our systems, our customers' systems, and the sites we're pushing that data to/from, but it's a pretty simple process.

I will refer to my new company as MCo, since I found out on my first day that our CEO gets Google alerts when the company name shows up in new search results. That's how he ended up at my Microsoft blog, and he pointed that out when he met me on Monday. So I need to be careful. Given that it's a startup, I think he is carefully managing the public face of the company. So I doubt I'll get to start a "Day in the Life of MCo" company blog anytime soon. Which is ok, since I barely got the chance to write in my Microsoft blog.

The commute to/from work has been very, very tiring for me because it involves almost 2 miles of walking total, plus a 25 minute bus ride. The weather has been very nice, so I have quite enjoyed the walking, but it's more activity than I've gotten in a LONG time.

And that's the end of my story. It's past 11pm and I can barely keep my eyes open. More later this weekend, peeps! Cheers!


  1. Yay! New job! We need to get a dinner/drinks on the calendar soon.

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