Friday, August 03, 2007

We get a little crazy

Today is the post of quick updates, before I need to go get my yearly fasting blood glucose test. Which is sucky, since I haven't eaten since last night and I'm already hungry.

Here are the pictures of my road trip with Spike to Vancouver last month. Here's one of my favorites:

Update on Dansko shoe situation: The size 38s arrived in the mail, and alas, they were too big in some spots and just fit weirdly in others. So I had to return those as well. So sad! Fortunately, I had free shipping and Nordstrom allows you to return in-store, so I just took them with me to work one day and returned them.

This entire week has been a shopping free one, the first one since I started working downtown. However, I've met several friends for dinner this week (Hi Rinki! Hi Jenn! Hi John and Jenna!), so I just traded vices. (Shopping for eating out.)

Pogi is staying with us for the weekend - yay!

And Leslie and Jorge are coming to visit with their two dogs, Milou and Lola, on Sunday and staying through next week. I haven't seen Leslie in over a year, so I'm pretty excited about that. And for a brief time on Sunday, we'll have 5 dogs staying with us. YAY!


  1. Heya,

    We're leaving in an hour...took your advice that it was a long drive and decided to break it up into parts. So....5 dogs, eh? :) Are you going to see Underdog? Isn't that a beagle? And I see a rottie in it too. Can't wait to see you!


  2. Okay, just saw your pics. Makes me wanna take a girls-only roadtrip w/ dogs with you! Spike's lost weight, has he?

    Yay! So excited to get back up to the NW.

  3. Thanks for taking such great care of Pogi!!! He was a tired doggie last night - he must have played hard with your crew. Glad to hear Pogi behaved himself; definitely happy to hear TJ say Pogi was more mellow than he remembered!


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