Monday, August 13, 2007

You can stand under my umbrella

I guess it's time for my weekly blog post during my Project Management class. More reading from slides but the instructor said we might get out early. One can dream...
It's funny how some people start out annoying me right up front and some take a few weeks to become annoying. There's an interesting dynamic when adults are in a classroom setting which reminds me so much of elementary school.
There's a person in my class who just has to comment on everything the instructor says. "at my company we do it this way." If it was somewhere interesting maybe I might care. And if she didn't need to pipe up every 2 seconds maybe it would be OK. grrr.

The group exercises are the worst. People get all riled up about how to do the exercise and want to argue about it. Dude, we're not getting a grade for this or any credits even. And seriously this stuff isn't rocket science. If you don't understand a simple exercise, how do you expect to lead an actual project with all its inherent ambiguities?

Ok, I'm done ranting now. I just hate taking classes where I'm not learning anything and I have to wait for the slow learners to catch on. I know that sounds very bitchy, but there you have it. My time is valuable and the stupid hoops that PMI is making me jump through to get their certification are grating on me.
I sort of miss Caltech and feeling like I need to work hard just to stay on top of things. I could almost feel my little brain cells working overtime.


  1. OMG...I've sat through those same classes. And while I hated the group exercises, I loved them because we always had someone dumb on our team...and someone critical (usually me). My favorite though is when our team would get COMPLETELY different answers from everyone else. And then the "blame" would happen. "Well, SHE said it was right." All the while I was thinking, who cares. It's a P/F class.

  2. I was in one of these classes last night. They are so frustrating! I also love it when my group gets a way different answer, and after everyone else tries to act like we're dumb it turns out we're right. I always take my major courses with a good friend and he and I are always "that group"


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