Monday, September 24, 2007

All these questions

So one of the cool things about having a blog is that you can put on a hit counter to see where and how visitors ended up on your blog. I use Sitemeter, which is free and fabulous.

Many people find their way to my blog via Google searches, and Sitemeter shows you exactly what they searched for. Usually it's song lyrics, so I guess they must be disappointed to get here and realize that I don't tell them who sings the songs I name my posts after.

Occasionally the search terms are hilarious (and random). My favorite for today is "why is my beagle so itchy?". It's almost as if people think Google is The Oracle that will answer any question. I love it.

Why indeed. Poor beagle.


  1. I love looking at what sends people to my site too, but most of the time lately, it's been a redirect. Can't figure out how to get the information of what sent them to the domain, as opposed to my blog.

    One of my former friends had a nickname because of my blog, and someone searching for "Gabe O Negative." :)

  2. Typepad has a statcounter built in, which I love checking. The freakiest google search was for 'how to fake a pregnancy' because I'd done a post titled: 'Fake Pregnancy Chic.' Creep. Y.

    And what is it about not going to concerts after a certain age? I swear, now that I have the money, I just don't have the energy to go to half the shows I read about. M.I.A. is the first show I'll have gone to since...March. Jeez. Just sad.


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