Monday, September 24, 2007

You know what we mean

As promised, here are some pics of my weekend projects. To prove that I really was busy. Apologies to those whose calls I didn't return :(. You can click on any of the pics to get a closeup look.

Project One: Revamped coral necklace that I got from my mom. The coral part is 37 years old!

Project Two: Antique charm bracelet plus modern charms from etsy. I'm guessing this bracelet's backstory is probably not so happy given that it ended up in a New Hampshire antique shop rather than passed down through the family. But I love it - someone took the time to get their kids' (or grandkids') birthdates engraved on the charms. And the names are so classic 1950s America: Sally, Dick, Susan. I added some cute colorful charms I found on etsy to perk it up.

Project Three: Copper bracelet annealed and hand-forged by Yours Truly. It started out as a 6 inch piece of 6 gauge copper wire, the kind you get at a hardware store. Yes, it looks like a kindergartner's art project. But it's metal. And I used a torch! And got to hammer! On an anvil! Woo hoo!


  1. An:
    I love what you have done to the coral necklace! Looks very pretty! I am so glad you are keeping that one. Love, Amma

  2. That coral is so pretty!!
    Definitely a keeper :)

  3. I just have to say that a year of earings is a fabulous idea and, I love your wrapping!

  4. The coral necklace is my favorite. The color is so vibrant!


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