Saturday, October 13, 2007

My church is not of silver and gold

My new favorite song. It's rapidly becoming my new "Another Rainy Night", or "Hotel California". Kristin can appreciate that (or not). I've listened to it about 5 times in the last couple of days.

I *love* this band, HIM. They're like the evil devil child conceived when Morissey and Metallica got together. Their Greatest Hits has two awesome covers - "Solitary Man" originally by Johnny Cash and "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak. I'm in love. I told TJ that Ville Valo, the lead singer is my new boyfriend. But only for singing. Because he's pasty, skinny and comes across as a total dork in the interviews I've read.

Oh, and they're *huge* in Finland. What could be better?

The best part? I have tickets to see them in November. YAY!!!


  1. Oooh, I hadn't seen this video before... now I must go find pictures of his sleeve, because that's amazing looking!

  2. I like them! I hear more Sisters of Mercy than Metallica, though. I think Wicked Game will become my next Blue Monday. KB

  3. @dawn - yes, it is pretty cool. Cooler than him. :)

    @KB - Sisters of Mercy is another good comparison. The new album from HIM is much more late 80s/early90s Metallica sounding. I didn't know you were obsessed with Blue Monday. You'll have to share that story when you come visit. Yay!


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