Friday, November 02, 2007

I can't sleep


After 5 days of my cough getting worse and not better, I went back to the doctor today. She pulled out the big guns and gave me prednisone and codeine, basically ensuring I won't be coherent for the next few days. Well, I guess the codeine is only for nighttime, so it might be ok.

The pharmacist mentioned in passing that I might want to take the prednisone early in the day because it makes some people a little 'jittery'. Ok, that was the understatement of the century. I took it at 4pm, and here I am, 13 freakin' hours later, WIDE AWAKE. I have not slept in 20 hours. And I feel perfectly fine. In fact, my cough and sore throat are way better.

Unfortunately I promised my boss a full day of work tomorrow (today?) since my doctor suggested I stay home tomorrow with the new drugs. Grrr. I guess tomorrow will be the day of many small naps, interspersed by meetings. Oh, and more prednisone, so maybe that means I just don't get to sleep anymore.

I am not a happy camper now. Though on the bright side, I am feeling much healthier!

Since I am awake and industrious, I am getting the house pseudo-ready for Kristin's visit this weekend. You know, cleaning up so it doesn't look like two lazy sick people have been lolling around here for the last 2 weeks.

One of the things I did was unpack my fabulous package from Harbor Freight Tools. Thanks to a tip from some fellow Etsyers, I found out you could get some cheap metalworking tools there, to try them out before buying the really good ones. So now I am the proud owner of a doming block and punch set, two different sets of letter and number stamps and a few round metal punches.

I need to put in a fairly large order for some silver sheet and wire, to work on a new jewelry collection I came up with in that cool space between awake and asleep. (Obviously on a night other than tonight!) I've got a steep learning curve to ascend to make what I envision in my head, but I think my intermediate steps will look pretty neat as well. This is where the metalsmithing class will come in handy. Unfortunately I think the last class is this weekend.

In more exciting news, though my poor etsy shop is languishing with no sales since last month, a friend asked me to make a custom bracelet and earrings for a friend of hers. I am *really* excited about this project and we're in that early phase of 'hey what do you think she'll like'. I'll post some pics as soon as it's done. But before that I get to go shopping! For more beads! and silver! Yay.

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