Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'd buy you a K-car

So we got a brand new Kohl's store in Redmond. I think there might have been one farther away, but since I never really lived near one, I didn't feel the need to drive far away to visit one. TJ and I went to Kohl's in Pittsburgh, in Oct 2006, when we were in town for Kristine's wedding. To me it seems like a slightly more upscale version of JCPenney.

However, I am a fashion magazine addict and I started to notice ads for Vera Wang's a low-priced line at Kohl's. And since I got a $10 coupon in the mail for the Grand Opening of the Redmond store, I thought I'd head over there this morning after my walk with Allison and Hank. Speaking of which, we've walked at Marymoor 6 mornings in a row! Yay for us!

Anyway, back to Vera Wang. I loooove her fairytale wedding dresses and her jewelry line is beautiful as well. So that definitely hooked me into visiting the new Redmond Kohl's. I also needed some pajama pants and another pair of decent sweats since the paint-spattered ones shouldn't actually leave the house, at least not with me wearing them. Maybe in a bag for Goodwill.

Kohl's did not disappoint for inexpensive simple clothes like sweats and PJs; however time will tell whether they hold up through multiple washings. I had a very disappointing pair of pajamas from Sears that lasted literally 2 washings before they started to get holes in them. Stupid. I understand the need for cheap, but 2 weeks is not an acceptable time period for even a $20 set of pajamas.

The Vera Wang line at Kohl's isn't bad. I'm too much of a department store snob to be really thrilled about it, but there were definitely some very cute pieces. This camisole would be really cute with jeans and sparkly heels. There was a gorgeous version of it in mustard, with a bold print, that I might go back for tomorrow, with the $10 coupon they gave me. Some of the beaded/jeweled tops and dresses looked very cheapy, but then again, that sort of stuff is hard to pull off.

And at this point, I should take the time to note that I am very grateful to be able to shop wherever I want to, and I realize not everyone is able to have that luxury.

Now back to my regularly scheduled post. I bought some very cute fleecy pajama pants in lime green with a nice snowflake pattern. Neither the picture on the Kohl's site nor the one I took with my own camera does it justice. They're very bright and cheerful so you'll just have to imagine them and feel their fuzzy softness.

I also bought a cream-colored hoodie with an awesome pattern that looks like some kind of woodblock-printed fabric. Of course it's not, it's just mass-printed in China, but for $16 I couldn't pass it up. Here's a picture of the cool print:

Neat, huh? I also managed to find some black velour sweats and a pair of grey pajama pants from Vera Wang and called it a day. So my $10 coupon turned into $80 of shopping. I guess that was a pretty good return for the store!

TJ and I are also anxiously awaiting our long underwear woolies to arrive from the REI outlet. It's already freezing here - has been consistently around freezing in the mornings. If I'm going to walk at Marymoor every morning, I need more than one set of woolies. Brrr!

Yesterday was a good day - I am halfway done with the custom order for Trista. Got a lot of work still to go, and earrings to make, but just getting the skeleton of the bracelet together and half of the embellishments was a big accomplishment for me. I'm really happy with the way it's turning out, and I'll post pictures after Christmas.

I've also managed to post a few more items to my Etsy shop. Since all the search results are sorted by date posted, I've been trying to post one or two items per day in order to stay somewhere near the top.

There's so much jewelry there that I can't really expect strangers to find me, so most of my sales have been to folks I know. Which is fine with me - that way I know my pieces are going to good homes :D

Now I'm really going to take that nap I never got around to yesterday. Waking up at 7am on a Saturday is HARD!

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