Thursday, January 31, 2008

See the world

TJ got his passport today - yay! The new ones are gorgeous - they have pictures of different US landmarks and landscapes on each of the pages, and a very cool quote on each page. Those folks at the State Department have done a lovely job with the design, that's for sure! Makes my 2-year-old passport look lame, in comparison.

I also sold a pair of earrings to a friend (yay!) and have 7 pieces for 2 custom orders to work on. So this Sunday will be very busy!

Tomorrow night is the Tesla concert at the Showbox. I'm so mad, because when I bought the tickets, it was at the Showbox at the Market, but they recently moved it to Showbox SODO which is a craptastic concert venue. (You may also remember that it's the venue where I saw HIM with my friend Dave, and proceeded to get quite toasted on the lemon drop martinis.) And then flamed for it on some lame-ass music site.

But there will be no drinking, because I'm saving it up for our Groundhog Day Party on Saturday night. We invited a few friends over, and hired a bartender. We did this around Christmas time last year, but this year it was just too hectic to think about. So we thought early February would be a great time for a "6 More Weeks of Winter" party, given the depressing nature of a Seattle winter.

Oh, and now that Christmas is long-gone, I can start posting pictures of the cool stuff I made for other people as custom orders during the holiday. This will be the first in a series entitled "Why My Etsy Shop Has Only 28 Items".

This is a bracelet I made for Trista, inspired by the Stolen from the Sea bracelet I had on Etsy, which she bought for her mom. It was commissioned by her fabulous husband Paul, who went to Caltech with us. I love the hexagonal aquamarine beads, and am saving a couple for a bracelet for myself, which I'll get around to making someday!

I keep imagining that I'll make enough stuff to amass 50, or heck, even 100 items in my shop, but my fabulous friends and relatives are keeping me busy with custom orders. And believe me, I'd definitely rather create a custom piece of jewelry intended for a specific person! So thanks to everyone who has supported my little enterprise. It's been a lot of fun. There's no danger that I'll quit my day job anytime soon, but I am having a *lot* of fun with this. And learning a lot too.

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