Friday, March 21, 2008

They buy me all these ices

So I'm pretty stoked because tomorrow I'll be attending a gem show in Tacoma. Since my mom is doing a bunch of stone shopping for me in India, I'm not planning to buy much, but just wanted to see what one of these shows is like. I can't imagine the Tacoma Dome filled with jewelry component vendors. It should be interesting, at any rate.

And at work, I filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament. I'm not a sports fan, really, but I LOVE the mathematical aspect, and of course, the gambling aspect of picking the winners. There's something nice and neat about the bracket. And of course the validation I get when I'm right. I've picked 24 out of 32 games so far, including a few upsets. I'm pretty pleased with that given my lack of knowledge in general...
I did take some feedback from TJ (which has proved to be both good and bad), but I'm 4th out of 10 in our office tournament right now. Go Villanova Villains!! Yes, I know they're really the Wildcats, but really, shouldn't the Villanova team be the Villains? Come on now.

And can I get an amen for how glad I am it's Friday? Woot. I'm actually planning to get back to being crafty this weekend, and you know, MAKE STUFF. Yay.

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  1. Glad to see yer less stressed after prioritizing :) So funny, I was browsing etsy and found a financial person (see who makes financial software (based on Excel) for crafty types. Pretty cool, seems he's sold a lot!


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