Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You don't know how lucky you are

I am half watching the American Idol results show. But last night's performance show was pretty bad, so I don't have a lot of interest in it.

Is Kristy Lee Cook finally going home? She's so freakin' boring. Cute, but boring.

All I want to see is David Cook, Brooke White, and Chikezie stick around. I LOVED Chikezie's crazy country thing last night. I think it's so awesome that he can sing all kinds of music - R&B, rock and country. And he seems perfectly comfortable with all of it. And dang, he's good.

And what's up with the judges pimping David Archuleta so much? I nearly fell asleep during his song last night.

Yay, Brooke is safe. So 1/3 isn't bad. And now, I have run out of Tivo buffer. And no one should have to watch AI in real time.

Did I mention how awesome my husband is? I was whining about really wanting a diet Coke at dinner time today (I don't buy it at home since I drink it during the work day) and when he came back from the gym just now, he brought me a diet coke. It's the little things that count, I tell you. I'm a lucky girl.

And you know what else? Making a list of my top priorities has really made me refocus and pick out what's important. I feel a lot calmer, and less frantic about all I "have" to do.

Yay, KLC is in the bottom 3. Maybe she'll finally go home. I suppose I could just ask the Internet, since this show already ran on the East Coast 3 hours ago...

So is anyone else out there watching AI7? Who do you like at this point in the game?


  1. I don't watch it, but I had to comment on the shows airing earlier on the East coast thing. That is driving me nuts. :) I was chatting with a friend in NJ last night, and she was already watching Ghost Hunters at 6 p.m. our time (9 p.m. theirs)! I just have to remind myself to not get online on Thursdays before Lost has aired here! :)

  2. @dawn - yep, you really need to be careful about what you read on the Internet. On the flip side, if you don't want to watch but just want to know what happens, it's a nice way to find out quickly. I've done that with AI before.


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