Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just walk away

Oh no, now I'm going to need to come up with twice the number of song lyric post titles!

Today has been a great one for me so far, as far as healthy living goes.

Aimee and I walked more than 5 miles this morning (5.4 to be exact, if you believe Google Maps, and I do.) We have something very strange going on with our pedometers where they're grossly under-reporting how far we walked, so we need to look @ that at some point. But for now mapping our route on Google seems to be a good plan. Today we walked from the Safeway at 140th to Bellevue Square Mall and back. Not too shabby! My feet are a little sore, but I feel great.

Plus Aimee gets bored walking the same route over and over again, and she also likes to take detours and side streets. Which is hard for non-adventurous me.

But yay for the 5 miles, which earned me 5 WW Activity Points today. (Which I promptly used up at our mid-walk Starbucks trip.) I also stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home for groceries and finally got some bananas, yogurt, milk and cheese. And some ham, because the product of the pig is so damn yummy.

And OMG, I tracked everything in my Weight Watchers online tracker thingy. Woo hoo!

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