Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strike a deal with her

Sweet Child O' Mine Necklace by Anandi's LaboratorySo this weekend has been a good one for my Etsy shop. I added two new necklaces and worked on some of my older pictures to get them a little better and brighter.
I really feel like my photography is improving, but it's not perfect yet. Thanks to Lisa, and some folks on the Etsy forums, I've picked up a lot of tips that seem to help.Red Tide Necklace by Anandis Laboratory

To share just a few: I now have two halogen lights specifically for pictures, and they are those tiny adjustable desk lamps so I can position them just where I need them. I stopped using incandescent bulbs because they gave me a yellowish glow over everything. And Lord knows we can't wait around for a sunny day here in Seattle to photograph items!

The other thing that's really helped is adjusting my camera settings correctly. I now use the Macro setting, which allows me to get sharp close-ups, and I've adjusted the white balance slightly so that it looks like more of a natural light (even when I am photographing under just the lamps and it's dark out). I'm using a Canon PowerShot SD20 from 2005, so it's not exactly cutting-edge, but I'm very pleased with the pictures. (Any need for improvement is due to the user, not the equipment!)

This morning I also reviewed the older items in my shop to figure out what I'm going to do with them. There are two pairs of earrings and a necklace that I've had for sale since I started, and they just haven't sold. I think the time is up for these guys, so when those listings expire, if they haven't sold, I'm going to take them apart and create something new.

So I created a last chance SALE section in my shop. Check it out, and save those guys from dissassembly!

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