Thursday, May 01, 2008

Day 6 Already!!

Well, so I've nearly survived a week on WW. And I haven't completely blown my point allowance yet (though I'm down to 6 extra points for today and tomorrow).

I figured something out - I can eat out once a day and still stay within my points. My unscientific study indicates that my eating out meals are way more points than the grub I can rustle up at home, so in order to absorb the "cost" of those meals, I need to eat pretty conservatively the rest of the day. WHich isn't so bad.

Today TJ and I went to breakfast at the Village Square Cafe in Redmond. We'd never been there before, and it's YUMMY. American comfort food at its finest. So after that 13 point breakfast, I've got to chill for the rest of the day. And get in some walking.

Today's Peanut's turn. Yesterday Beagle and I did the standard 35-ish minute loop down the street around the block and back up the street. Because our hill is so steep, it was a rough climb, but today that soreness feels good. Like I actually *did* something.

So far so good :D

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  1. Super duper good luck. I lost 40lbs on WW about 5 years ago, but had a baby & it came back (& brought friends!). I'm currently "preparing" myself to get my big butt in gear and get back to it. You are an inspiration!


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