Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get a haircut and get a new job

Day 1 of official unemployment was lovely. Peanut and I went for a walk, I got him his hotspot spray, went to Target to buy essentials, cleaned off the table in our bedroom that was piled high with my garbage, and started my Mother's Day shopping.

Oh and puppies and I watched American Idol. We all *love* Neil Diamond, and David Cook was pretty awesome, even though I didn't recognize either song he sang.

And though David Archuleta has a great voice, he doesn't have the gritty yumminess Neil does when singing 'America'. So it didn't really work for me.

And dude, what is *up* with Law and Order lately? Their newer episodes have been pretty *amazing*. On all 3 versions, come to think of it. The one where Ed Green leaves was great, though very sad. I like the new guy, though, so I guess it could be worse. And then I watched an episode of SVU tonight where Olivia goes undercover in a women's prison. Scary, scary episode. And I saw a rerun of a Criminal Intent episode that was "ripped from the headlines" - about the college kids killed on a playground. That one must have had a different writer or director, or something, because the way it was shot and the way the scenes were set up, seemed different, and again it was really moving and well-done (in addition to having the usual great plot, etc.).

And Grey's Anatomy came back last week! Yay! So TV-wise, I'm a happy, happy girl.

Tomorrow night is my last sewing class. I'm debating signing up for Sewing 2 which starts in a few weeks. I'm concerned about signing up for that and starting my new job, though the class only starts at 6:30 and is in Kirkland.

I should be able to manage. If it's the same instructor, I totally will take it. She's great. In fact, had to miss class last week because I stayed at work too late and got stuck in horrible traffic on the way home, and by the time I got home and fed the puppies and got my supplies together for class, it was too late and I was feeling so frazzled I just bailed on it.

I emailed my teacher (yay for a sewing teacher who shares her email!) and she said if I showed up early tomorrow she'd get me started on the placemats that were last week's project. This week is potholders, so I should have my hands full. (And apparently my kitchen will be well-outfitted.) So I am super-excited about class tomorrow night.

Ooh, and our major landscaping work to clean up our swampy, ugly backyard is starting tomorrow. So woo hoo! Maybe this year we can play with the dogs in the back instead of feeling guilty all the time about how overgrown and swampy it is. And have that dog party I've been meaning to have for months now!

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  1. I am unemployed as well! It is quite fun. Although, I feel pangs of guilt from time to time. Nothing a quick shot of vodka won't cure. HA hA HA


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