Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hoofin it wit da puppy

Peanut and I took a 35 minute walk around Redmond this morning, which was good for both of us. Peanut is about 15 lbs overweight, and as he gets older I worry more about that affecting his health.

We started out at the vet's office, where I had to pick up some more spray for his hotspots - allergy season is in full force around here for both people and dogs. Then we walked around the Bella Bottega shopping center a couple of times. It was just before 9am so it was nice and empty.

We tried out the new Flexi-leash today and it wasn't bad. Took some getting used to on both our parts, but it really does absorb a lot of the shock when he pulls forward. (And when a 115-lb strong dog is pulling, it's a lot of impact!)

I have eaten a great breakfast and lunch today, very simple. It's always hard to get back into writing down what I eat and trying to stay within the number of WW points I'm allotted. I'm trying not to focus too much on the exact number right now - just focusing this week on the habit of tracking everything first. Oh, and trying not to eat junk.

A friend of mine was diagnosed with diabetes a little while ago and he's the same age as me, so it's starting to worry me a bit more, especially since I'm carrying around about 25 extra pounds since my wedding nearly 3 years ago (!). He did mention something very interesting - that if he takes a walk right after he eats, it really helps his blood sugar numbers.

So I might try it, just to be able to squeeze more walking in, especially while I'm off these next couple of weeks. I may draft The Peanut into this plan as well...


  1. Hey - do you go to meetings for WW or do you just do it online? I have an online account (that I'm paying for but haven't utilized in a long time!) I just find it hard to get motivated, even if it's something that I know will work and that I've even used before. What motivated you to try WW again?

  2. Also, have you tried the meetings?

  3. @bean -

    Sorry I didn't see your comment before. Apparently blogger isn't notifying me, I'll have to fix that.

    I have done both online and meetings. I find that I stay more on track with meetings, even if I only go there to weigh in and leave. I think it seems more 'real' to me, somehow.

    I'm struggling w/ tracking on paper vs. the online tools. I bought a Monthly Pass, so I can do either one. Online is easier for tracking, but I don't have that visual reminder like I would with the paper tracker or a notebook.

    I don't care much for the group support environment thingy at all though, so I don't typically stay for the meeting.

  4. also, your title reminds me of that song from the movie Clueless:
    "... rollin' with the homeys..." Is that where it's from?


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