Saturday, May 17, 2008

I guess this log will only work if I actually write in it. So I'm going to try to write at the end of each day just to check in with myself and review what I've done. Again, this is more for me than any external readers. Because it's boring.

Walked on the Microsoft campus with Aimee and Spike today, for about 40 min. It felt good even though it was HOT.

Food: Ate the usual cereal-milk-banana breakfast, Canyons nachos for lunch and a nice light dinner of yogurt, naan and V8. (Weird, I know.)

What I did right today: Definitely the walking. I told myself last night it was a top priority for me, and that seemed to work.

What I could have done better: Not given into my chicken nachos craving for lunch. As usual, I waited until I was so hungry I couldn't see straight. And as usual, it led me to a bad choice.

Plan for tomorrow:
1. Walk with Aimee at Pro Club at 8:30am
2. Clean out fridge
3. Track my food on WW Online (for reals)

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