Saturday, May 17, 2008

Peanut peanut peanut is a giant peanut dog

Sometimes I like to do random searches on Etsy, just to see what comes up. When I searched for 'caltech', I found photograph of a tile fountain on campus that was tucked away in a little corner, but I would see it on my way to class often. It sort of felt like my own little secret since people were always rushing around, stressed out, and I felt like a lot of them didn't really *see* how beautiful the campus really was.

So recently I searched for 'peanut' in the jewelry section, just to see what I'd find. And I fell in love with this gorgeous pendant by Etsy seller alisamiller, but it's not exactly an impulse purchase.

So I've put it in my Favorites so I can think about it and save my little pennies. Or sell a lot of GeekMagnets.

But this evening, in my Etsy peanut search, I found this adorable pendant from bunkleberry studios, which was totally suitable for a late-night impulse purchase.

I can't wait to get it!


  1. So funny. I had her bright honeycomb bracelet listed as a favorite too. I guess we're both geeks at heart. I ended up buying something completely different last week though, as a gift to myself (hee hee) for my promotion. At half the price it was still expensive, but I couldn't resist how yummy it looked. Really, there are too many tempting things on that site.

  2. @ll - how funny - we must have the same taste ;)

    I love the other bracelet you bought - those beads are awesome!!

  3. When I started reading your blog I thought you were looking for something to put around Peanut's neck! Peanut would look SO CUTE with that peanut locket, wouldn't he?? Amma

  4. @amma - no this isn't for Peanut, it's for me ;)

  5. That necklace is gorgeous. Definitely worth saving up for.


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