Friday, June 27, 2008

I didn't mean to miss your birthday baby

First of all, Happy Birthday to Kristine, who shares the same birthday as me.

33 is sort of an uneventful birthday. Except that it's red, a palindrome, and divisible by 3 and 11. But what makes it especially cool is that it's 21 in hex. Which is so much more interesting.

(For those less geeky, I'm talking about the hexadecimal number system, where the base is 16 instead of 10.)

I usually have a policy of taking my birthday off - no one should have to work on their birthday. But unfortunately, I had a meeting I couldn't really miss. On the bright side I had no other meetings yesterday besides that one, so it was nice and quiet. I listened to a lot of metal in my office, kept the door closed, and cranked through a bunch of items I needed to do.

After work, we went out to the Icon Grill downtown, with some other Caltech alums. It wasn't really a birthday dinner - they had just scheduled this Caltech thing at the same time and I thought it would be fun. I like the Icon Grill because it's *pink* inside, and has all these neato blown glass things all over the place.

And they make killer drinks there. I had an 'Orange Drop' which was their signature martini, and then some sort of amazing champagne/Chambord cocktail that was red at the bottom and pinkish on top. So yummy, for my "21st" birthday :)

I came home to find that Dawn had written this nice entry in our Etsy Seattle team blog. Woo hoo!

Today I *did* take the day off, and my plan is to find some craft wire so I can practice a new design before using the good sterling silver. I'm pretty excited about it - it just sort of came to me, but from a quick Internet search, it hasn't been done a million times before either.

Tomorrow, I'm going to visit with TJ for a little while at the racetrack and then head over to Wendi's and do some crafty stuff. Yay!


  1. Happy Birthday to you too!!!!!! Wow, I also had to work yesterday and I also took today off... hmmm... remember how in high school/college we'd comment on how we were experiencing the same things at the same time?? Deja vu!

    We went to Lebanese Taverna and now I'm in NYC for the weekend. Yay!! One of these birthdays we shall spend together. Hope you had fun!!

  2. @bean - I love Lebanese Taverna!! Kristin took me there when I visited her.

    Have fun in NYC!


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