Monday, June 23, 2008

I saw your picture on another guy's jacket

Giant Hippo in Lake Washington

I seem to be focused on photos lately. One of the things I struggle with is organizing our digital photos. I have a decent file system set up, so that each major event gets its own folder, and I delete the pics that suck, crop the remaining ones, adjust the exposure and color as needed.

But I've only done it for the past two or three years. I have a huge backlog of digital pics to sort out, including my trip pictures from Germany in 2003.

I have the photo equivalent of a junk drawer on our Windows Home Server (insert shameless product plug here). I have a folder called "Etsy_originals" where I just dump my camera contents. A staging ground for the editing tasks to come. Once I've prettied up the photos I want for my shop, I resize them and save them to a special "Etsy" folder.

But lately I have been lax about deleting the stuff in my junk drawer. So I had a few hundred pics there, mostly of items in my shop, but a few events, like TJ's birthday party and a trip to Luther Burbank Park with Spike and Peanut.

I finally posted those to Smugmug so you can check them out by clicking the links above. There weren't too many pictures in either set, but really, who's going to look at pages of pictures anyway?

Also, now that I'm a picture taking fool for Etsy, I forget to take my camera out into the world. So I vow to be better at that. That's why I bought my adorable tiny camera, right?

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