Monday, June 09, 2008

Out here in the water so deep

I'm so excited to have a whole gaggle of things to post in my Etsy shop this week, so please bear with me for another crafty post.

This project was to get me back into the crafty state of mind this weekend. It had literally been weeks since I had sat down at my craft table and made anything, and probably over a month since I made something that wasn't a custom order with specific instructions.

So you know that feeling when you can make *anything* and then suddenly you're totally stuck? I guess if I were a writer (a REAL writer, that is), it would be writer's block. Or blank-page paralysis.

So I reached for the closest little bag that Amma brought back with her from India, and it was full of adorable little earwires with a cute oxidized silver flower embellishment. I figured earrings would be an good "ease into it" project.

I dug around in my bead boxes and found these divine orange heart-shaped beads I had salvaged from a bracelet at Goodwill. I only had 3, so I picked the two most similar for the earrings.

And then I thought that I wanted to do something *more interesting* than just sticking a bead on an earwire. (Even though the beads are really cool, in this imperfect handmade way.) And out of the corner of my eye I saw the compartment filled with the little blue metallic twisty seed beads that looked awesome in the tube but languish in my box because I never did figure out what to *do* with them.

Orange and blue look fantastic together. And with a tiny little gorgeous oxidized silver bead, also from the prized "Amma" stash, my "Just Like a Tattoo" earrings ignited:

And now I'm wondering if I should just keep them. I love how they remind me of those murals you see around LA, with a heart surrounded by flames and all sorts of bright colors around it. I guess it's a fairly popular tattoo design as well, hence the name.

Well, they're for sale now in my etsy shop. If they're still here in 4 months when the listing expires, these babies are ALL MINE. It's a win-win situation, right?

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