Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Your love is like a tidal wave

Almost done with the "hey I made this" posts, I promise. At least for this week, since I can't seem to make much jewelry during the work week. Today's posting was a necklace that took several months to come into being.

One of my bead suppliers is online, and I have historically had a problem with judging size online. I have ordered a way too small cookie sheet (the size of a legal size piece of paper), a way too big messenger bag (would fit that giant Apple 17 inch Macbook and still have room), and tiny magnets that were almost too small to see, let alone use for any of my projects.

So anyway, I was bead shopping online several months ago and saw some very cool onyx nuggets and bought them. Well, when they arrived, they were *huge*. I know the dimensions were posted, but somehow I thought I knew what that meant in my head without actually getting out a ruler to *see*. So these giant rocks sat on my craft table for months because they were so much bigger than I expected. I didn't know what I was going to make with them. And of course, once I labeled them in my head as "too big" I didn't really *see* them anymore or think about them when making new projects.

Until this weekend. The stash of new oxidized silver beads from India were on my mind and wanted to be featured, and I knew the onyx would be a perfect backdrop since it's not too flashy. And when I got those beads out, I realized that yeah, some of them were really big and heavy, but many of them weren't *that* enormous.

So I picked out the smaller ones, and made a necklace I have been envisioning for weeks - simple, but chunky and substantial:

Matching pair of earrings to be posted tomorrow. I love how they both turned out, and how if you look at the onyx very closely, some of the stones seem to glow internally, so they're not just cold rocks. Yay for projects that turn out better than my mind's eye imagined them!!


  1. i tagged you with a meme - check my blog for details :)

  2. Wow.. What a fantastic gemstone necklace.


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