Sunday, June 15, 2008

There's nothin that I want to do

Happy Father's Day to my Appa, Dad, and any other fathers out there!

Today was just about perfect. Yesterday, TJ and I were discussing our out-of-shapeness, and he suggested I just get up today and go to the gym first thing.

Instead of that, I took Spike on a walk to my office to time it so I had a better idea of how long it would take during the week (and so I couldn't convince myself it was just *too* far). For the record, it took me 21 min to walk to TJ's building, and another 19 min to get to mine. So a 40 min walk, which isn't bad. (It's all uphill though, which is rough.)

Once we got there, TJ picked us up and we all went to Norm's, which is a fabulous pub/restaurant in the Fremont neighborhood that allows you to bring your dogs *inside*. We had an awesome brunch, and Peanut and Spike behaved themselves very well, in exchange for a 1/4 lb hamburger all to themselves, some blueberries and other fruit from my plate, and a couple of French fries.

And then we wandered around in the lovely sunshine for another half an hour or so. It was the perfect Seattle summer day - clear and sunny, but not too hot. It *almost* made up for the awful weather we've been having for months.

And then we came home and just hung out. Dogs were good and tired so they just found a spot to sleep for a couple of hours while I caught up on my work email and got the basic structure of my organizational system into Outlook. I feel ready to tackle the work week now.

Oh, and I sold another set of GeekMagnets today on Etsy. Woo hoo!

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