Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All you need is love, love, love

OK, this is a totally cheater blog post, but since my 1000 Markets blog doesn't have an RSS feed yet, I'm posting here to let you know I have a new post there.

I've been trying to keep my posts there somewhat relevant to my craftiness; otherwise, what would be the point of blogging here and there? So "lookit what I made" posts will mostly be over there now. "Here's some cute stuff my dog/husband/favorite band did" will remain here.

I made a new charm bracelet for a college classmate's mother, and also a cheery pair of earrings for my shop today. And with that, I am actually all caught up on my Etsy/1000Markets/miscellaneous orders!

Go read about it.


  1. Is the title of this blog from Jason Marz's song I'm Yours? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song.

  2. @jenn - I was thinking of the song from Love, Actually. But I wonder if the lyrics match I'm Yours, too? I love that song, and had to download it from Amazon MP3, which I also loooove.


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