Saturday, January 17, 2009

The last time I passed through satisfaction

Ooh, busy couple of weeks. My new favorite band, Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, needed a new website, so I volunteered to build it for them. I figured if I was going to spend so much time online, at least I should be doing something useful, right?

And I figured it would be a good opportunity to learn/practice some new skills - registering domain names, finally applying the principles of web design that I've been collecting in my head, and then looking at the statistics and figuring out how to use those to improve the site.

Since we wanted to do this quickly, we chose a hosting provider called Bandzoogle, which provides a pretty quick way to build sites, but still allows customization directly in the code. Since I'm no graphic designer *and* I still have a full time job, this was a smarter choice than building the whole thing completely from scratch.

It's been a fun project so far, and I've gotten a lot of great content and feedback from the band. Obviously since they are the "customer" I want them to feel like the site really represents them.

It's still a work in progress - I'll be adding a Contacts page, an online shop, and a couple of other widgets. But take a look and give me your feedback - I'd really appreciate it.

Oh, and if you're in Seattle, they're playing at Jules Maes Saloon tonight around 10:30, so drop by. You won't regret it!

Leave your feedback on the site in the comments here, please:

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