Friday, April 03, 2009

She's got her own thing

For some unexplained reason I am completely in love with Ne-Yo's song "Miss Independent", despite mostly hating R&B in general. But I'm a sucker for kickass woman songs.

Today at work we did the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Personality Inventory, as a team. Microsoft seems to be a fan of these kinds of teambuilding events - I did another one with a color scale on my previous team. I guess it must be a corporate thing in general, because I took the MBTI when I was working at Deloitte.

Interestingly enough, even though I took it 10 years ago, when I was just out of grad school and brand new to the workforce, my "type" was essentially the same. Which gave me more faith in this analysis because they say it's personal preferences and doesn't typically change over time.

So this time I came up as an ISTJ (introverted-sensing-thinking-judging), but only a moderate introvert. Meaning I had some extrovert tendencies. Last time I was an ESTJ, but only a moderate extrovert. So I guess in the intervening years my true nature has come out :) I suspect being married to TJ, who I'd guess is a very strong I, has encouraged me to become more that way, and prefer it.

Of course, this wasn't really news to me. I know I'm an introvert, but can be gregarious around people I know well. And the S-T-J part is totally strong - I love facts, I plan ahead (to a fault), and am way organized and definitely not spontaneous. That's why I'm a project manager, and love it.

It's also why I bought two major baby items this week on, because we have Amazon Prime membership, and thus free shipping, for a little while longer (needed it for Amazon Fresh grocery delivery). I saw screamin' deals on the infant car seat I wanted, plus the extra car base, plus the Pack N Play thingy (looks like a baby corral, also has a bassinet). And for all that heavy stuff, free shipping directly to my house? How awesome is that?! I dread going to Babies R Us, so the more I can order online, the better.

So this first shipment of baby STUFF will arrive next week. Oh, and Jasmine loaded me up with books and a bunch of her stuff as well, and we're going to pick up a *gorgeous* crib from my friend Carey, so we're already nicely stocked, about 5.5 months in advance. That's just the way I roll, y'all.

And true to my 'J' nature (plan ahead, organized, blah blah blah), I tried to get us a hotel for the 2010 Olympics in Whistler next February. We have tickets to Biathlong (skiing and shooting, what could be better?) on one day. I figured that was a good one to start early on. And dang, I didn't start early enough. *Everything* in Vancouver is booked. Anything left in Whistler is literally over $1000 per night. And the Olympic folks claim they aren't letting anyone drive into Whistler.

So now I'm kind of stressed about that. Ordinarily I wouldn't be - we could just drive to Vancouver that day, take the shuttle to Whistler and go home the same night, right? But I'm thinking that kind of long day isn't really going to cut it with a 4-month-old BabyX in tow. So I'm researching alternate places to stay. Without a lot of luck. Sigh. I'm hoping some rooms will open up as the event gets close. But it seems a little ridiculous to sell so many tickets and not have accomodations available. Grrr.

On the bright side, we ate at Fatburger for dinner. YUM.


  1. If you believe in MBTI, I would recommend the book MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths. It breaks out each MBTI and how it affects your parenting style. Now worth buying, but definitely worth reading from the library.

    I wrote about it here:

    As a bonus, I'm also an ISTJ! My biggest weakness is dealing with chaos, which has been a struggle since day one with twins. REading this book helped me realize it wasn't my failure as a mother but my innate personality.

  2. I love that test, it's so interesting to see the factors behind our personalities revealed. Mine has changed over the years too. As of the most recent time I took it, I was an ENFJ.

  3. I am fascinated with the MB and I'm an INFP. I've learned that if I set my mind to it, I can develop the aspects I'm weaker in.

    For example, at craft shows I have to be outgoing, friendly and sociable, and make small talk with people who look at my creations. At work I have to be a J to get projects organized and finished on time. I've learned to pay more attention to physical things around me so I don't get lost as often when driving places. There is hope. :)

  4. I know! I know! 4 month old BabyX can stay with her well-experienced-with-babies auntie and uncle while you go to the Olympics!

  5. I too am an ISTJ - although a VERY strong "I." Welcome to the club. :-)

    From one ISTJ to another, though, I have to tell you that BabyX is going to shake your planning nature to the me on this one. :-)

    Hopefully TJ has a little "NFP" in him. Carl is "NFP" & quite honestly, it is the only thing that got us through the first few months!

    Can't wait to keep up on the progress!


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