Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh-oh it's magic!

I have been pursuing the Art of the Pancake for many, many years. It's my favorite breakfast food, yet I've been unable to make really good ones at home, like I've had in restaurants. You know, nice and fluffy, not too dense, perfectly browned? Even with "just add water" pancake mix I haven't had the best luck, though they've turned out better since I stopped using Bisquick.

Then I came across this awesome article on RealSimple's website.

So I tried out the tips yesterday with my favorite Krusteaz pancake mix (what an awful name, by the way, but I promise it's really yummy). I let the griddle heat up, flicked some water on it to make sure it was hot enough, greased it with a paper towel with a bit of oil, and made a batch of 4 inch pancakes.

And they were *AMAZING*. Perfect. Exactly what I had aspired to. Pancake nirvana. Even better, I topped them with a bananas foster syrup I made from scratch thanks to the Bon Appetit cookbook (butter, brown sugar, water and sliced bananas). I had them for breakfast yesterday and lunch today. YUMYUM.

Yes, I know, I could easily make them from scratch. But we don't consistently have eggs in our fridge so it's easier just to keep pancake mix around. I'll have to try this again with fresh strawberries next weekend. Woot.


  1. Best pancakes ever: banana macadamia nut pancakes:

    (and use technique explained on Real Simple. They are HEAVEN.)

  2. Yum, I will have to try that next! Thanks for posting it.

  3. You should read Eat Me by Kenny Shopsin. It will help with all sorts of simple techniques for making food better.

  4. Krusteaz is bomb-diggity pancake mix.

    The best pancakes - to me - are at Claire's Pantry in Lake City. Or it could be they were so good after a 15 mile walk...either way I heart pancakes too.


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