Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleep my darling

So I guess in preparation for BabyX's arrival, my sleep schedule is already all out of joint. I can't get comfy, it takes me forever to *fall* asleep, and then in the morning I *DO NOT* want to get out of bed. Sigh.

I can only imagine it's going to get worse from here, which is sad. Cuz I'm a girl who looooves her sleep. Like a 10-hours-per night, plus a nap looooove. Sad.

I got your "miracle of life" right here, buddy. :P

On the bright side, I have discovered that Trader Joe's makes the best, and least expensive apple pie of all the area grocery stores. I have been eating apple pie like it's going out of style. And the one I like best has the most apples, and the least sticky goo. Very odd. Yay pie!


  1. Oh, I love my sleep too. I had a few sleepless nights while pregnant then my body adjusted and I went back to sleeping 10-12 hours a night.

    I call it my pregnancy super power!

    Jon and I switch off getting up with the kids on the weekends so we each get a morning to sleep in.

  2. Had a hard time reading your post due to that nasty floating around ad. Thats one of the worst I've ever seen. Wow.

    I was able to read enough to know you're about to deliver. Congrats and hope all goes well for you.

    Popped in from blogupp

  3. bummer about the floating ad, but there's a little 'x' to close it :)

    since the floating ad pays me, I'm inclined to leave it on the page. Apologies to anyone who is super-annoyed by it.

  4. I wish I could tell you the sleep deprivation was going to get better, but that wouldn't be true :) However, you will be surprised what you can do on less sleep than you ever thought possible!

  5. Yay pie indeed! I could really go for some right now, and I'm not even pregnant!


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