Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love you doggy

So, um, yeah.  Here I am back at Blogger.  My fancy hosted Wordpress blog was more trouble than it was worth, and I posted less than 10 times since switching over.

In an effort to save some money, I’m coming back to Blogger, and ditching the custom domain name.  I’m still keeping so maybe I’ll find a way to link this blog to that domain.  Or something.

I’ve spent the past two days redoing this blog and papercraftlab.  I’ve got some design work to do still (or need to buy graphics somewhere), but it’s well enough along that I’ve transferred the domain names from my sketchy host to one who is hopefully more reputable and not blocked by my company’s firewall.  Grrr. 

Life is good.  Busy, but good.  BabyT is nearly two, which blows my mind.  She speaks in sentences.  She can count to 10 sometimes.  She WALKS!  It took her 19.75 months, but now she’s unstoppable.  Well, except for the fact that she’s super cautious like her mama, so she never moves THAT fast.  We are having SO much fun. 

This photo is from the day we played our first board game.  It’s an alphabet game, and has complicated rules with a spinner, and animal/letter cards.  Creath Family rules are just to pick a card, and move your piece to the right letter.  BabyT is great with capital letters, and is learning lowercase ones now.  She LOVES her ‘abcd game’, in that endearingly obsessive toddler way. 150

I’m still working part-time and started a new job within the same company in June.  It’s the kind of job I love – project management, and some internal processes to wrangle.  But it is SO much work to ramp up in a new role when I had been doing the same job for 3 years before that.  I’m still working out the schedule and time management.

I’m hoping to get more time to blog.  I realize that it’s been great for capturing the small moments – stuff I’d ordinarily forget, but when I go back and read it, I’m transported to that time.  I’ve had this blog for 6 years, just a little longer than TJ and I have been married.  Now THAT is just crazy talk.

So, is anyone still out there?


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