Friday, September 16, 2011

handcrafted life plan part 5 - i've got dreams to remember

So this has been Week Zero of the Mondo Beyondo class I'm taking, and I LOVE it so far.  The geeky me also loves that they are using a zero-based index.  I was skeptical that the exercises would be too fluffy, airy-fairy, filled with things like "open your third eye" or chakras or other new-Agey type concepts that I'm just not into.

But it's not.  It's surprisingly down to earth for being a class about dreaming.  Which is just what I need to ease into it.  I'm looking forward to the emails that arrive each day to see what new activity they'll bring.  It's a little slice of quiet contemplation in the middle of my busy days.

One exercise this week had us identify our core values.  Here are mine:
  • AMAZING WIFE & MAMA – guide my daughter and partner with my husband by being patient, kind, gentle and loving
  • KICKASS WOMAN – be me, be joyful, experience life, have fun, be crafty, redevelop close friendships
  • CONTENT & CALM – have time for quiet moments, mellow days, no envy or major unmet wants, low stress, happy and present
  • HOME BASE – make our home organized, functional, warm, comfortable, imprinted with “us”
  • LOOKIN’ GOOD – get to a healthy weight, exercise and challenge my body, dress well in clothes that make me happy
I know, nothing earth shattering here.  But it was good to go through the process, and the way they framed the exercise was cool.

Another activity was to print a bunch of positive phrases and put them somewhere we'd read them regularly.  It wasn't enough for me to just print them on plain white paper - I needed some color.  So I got crafty, and made pretty circles out of them.

Mondo Beyondo class activity

I put them in a ceramic bowl made by my friend June our senior year of college.  She didn't like it, but I thought it was cool that she made it herself (this was long before I became crafty). 

We're not in touch, really, but I like to keep it around. She is someone who follows her big dreams - seriously pursued an acting career, quit her job to travel the world, went to business school after working as a scientist, just to name a few.  So I thought her bowl was a fitting place for these statements about dreaming big.

There are still a few spots left in the class and it's not too late to catch up.  If you want to sign up, use the link here or in my sidebar and I'll split the referral bonus with you so you'll get a little discount.

Mondo Beyondo Dream Big

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  1. Right??? I would never recommend it if it were super crunchy new agey. I'm so glad you are loving the experience.


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