Sunday, September 18, 2011

you live in a zoo

You know when you have a big event in the future, and you spend a lot of time preparing for it?  Then the event comes and goes.  And then you don't know what to do with yourself because you hadn't thought of anything past that event.

I felt that way on a HUGE scale about my wedding.  I'm feeling that way now.  T's 2nd birthday party is over.  We met my parents and our awesome photographer Kristi this morning for family photos.  Both of these were planned several months in advance, so it seems crazy that they're over now!

And how crazy that I am the mother of a TWO year old?  I can't believe that.  These past two years have been nothing short of transformative.  I never imagined I would love being a mama so much.  She makes me a better person every day.

trillian on slide

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet baby girl.  I look forward to our new adventures!

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