Friday, December 16, 2011

My Not-So-Secret Mission - A Message from the Universe

yes, it's a fake tree.
I promised I'd write about one of the "Secret Missions" I did for Mondo Beyondo.   I posted earlier about the "affirmations" we were supposed to put in a place where we'd see them.  I'm still not so sure about the value of these things,  but it makes me happy to see the little circles I made.
Well, one of our assignments was to leave an affirmation for someone else to find.  It seemed to me like it was putting out good vibes to the universe, and then maybe some of that goodness would come back.  But not with that expectation, of course, because that would ruin the magic juju.  Hehe.  I'm not sure I believe in all that, but I did want to brighten a friend's day a little. 

Other folks in the class put up the affirmations on community bulletin boards, or in library books, for strangers to find.  But I wanted to focus my efforts on people I knew.  I struggled with how to do it.  I wanted to mail them, but knew the Redmond postmark would give me away to most people.  So I let this assignment sit while I did other things, and hoped that my brain would come up with some way to make it work.

Eventually, it came to me.  I decided to "secretly affirm" a few women that I worked with, and picked 5 people, a nice round (small) number.  This way I could also hand-deliver the circles to their offices in the dead of night.

Ok, not really the dead of night, more like 8pm, but that sounded more dramatic and secretive, right?

So I made up the circles using scraps of pretty patterned paper, tucked them into tiny little coin envelopes with some sequins (because who couldn't use a little more sparkle) and set off into the night to deliver them.

All went well. No one saw me drop off the little packages of mystery and it was all I could do to keep it to myself.

About a week later,  I received an email from my friend D, who asked if I knew anything about a little note she got in her office.  I'm not a person who likes to lie outright, even if it's for something innocuous and fun like this, so I admitted to it.  Apparently the craftiness of the item gave it away so she suspected me.

That same week, my friend J asked me if I knew anything about it, and I couldn't lie to her either.  She and her coworkers loved it - she said it was like "a message from the universe".  Which I thought was pretty awesome.

The other 3 folks haven't figured it out yet, and I don't think they read this blog so my secret might be safe.  Even if it's not, I had a really fun time plotting this adventure.  Maybe that was the point?

Did I mention the next session of Mondo Beyondo starts the first week of January?  Oh yeah, I did.  If you need some magic in your life, go sign up.  Really.

On a vaguely related note, I found out yesterday I was chosen for a workshop/training program at work.  It was something my friend J had done a few months ago and highly recommended.  It's about balancing work and life, finding happiness and focusing on your health.  Yeah, it's right up my alley.   I applied a few weeks ago, figuring that tons of other people would apply, and not really expecting to be chosen since I work part-time and I don't participate much in our 'Women's Leadership Council'.

So it was a pleasant surprise to find out they picked me!  There are 12 women in the class, and we'll have monthly 2 hour peer group sessions plus two all-day workshops.  The whole thing runs for 6 months.  Apparently the women who run this program are fantastic career/life coaches, and the folks who have gone through the program RAVE about it.  Some have even quit their jobs as a result ;)  So I'm looking forward to it starting next month.  I love working for a company that invests so heavily in training for its employees.  Watch this space as I learn how to hate group interactions a little less...

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