Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ill on holiday

Townhouses we're staying in

See how I used words in the title I wouldn't normally use?  Yeah, that's because I'm in Ireland :)  I have to get my "local flavor" somehow because I've been essentially trapped in the house for 2 days with a second showing of last week's cough, now starring Fever and Vomiting.  Sigh.

I went to the doctor today and it was actually quite a pleasant experience.  I had no appointment but they said they could squeeze me in, and I waited about 30 minutes, during which the receptionist *and* the doctor apologized 3 times for how long I had to wait.  When does that *ever* happen at home?!

I went downstairs to pick up my prescription at McSweeney's Pharmacy (sadly, not called a "Chemist") and they filled it immediately. And it cost $7.  Crazy.  No wandering around the store for 40 minutes while hoping it might be done soon.  I'm talking about you Target and Bartell's Pharmacy...

TJ and BabyT took a drive yesterday to see a stone circle and some sheep, which T is still talking about.  She says the sheep she saw were "black and white and purple" and "there was a baby sheep who got lost and his dad had to call him back".  I took another nap while they were out.

We did visit a pub on Monday for a late lunch and TJ got his pint of Guinness.  It is AMAZING how much better it tastes here.  (And no it's not just psychological - it's actually different - very smooth and almost sweet...)  It's probably a good thing I can't drink now.

I'm hoping the antibiotics kick in soon (and actually help!).  I'm ready to start my vacation outside of our rental house!


  1. Sorry to read about sickies on holiday.
    although story of my life. I've been to pharmacies in Greece, France, Bora.... I consider it part of the adventure and getting a taste for what life is like in these areas.
    Hope the meds kick in and you have some fun!

    1. Thanks! I love looking at the positive side :)

  2. The sheep was probably purple because they spray paint their bottoms to mark them. That cracked me up my first visit to Ireland.

    Have you ever had a really well poured pint at home? It isn't as good as in Ireland, but it is pretty good. A poorly poured pint, on the other hand... definitely something to avoid.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. @Cloud, I'm not a beer drinker in general, and (sadly) haven't noticed much of a difference between a draft Guinness and the bottled stuff we buy at home. But here, it definitely tastes different. I wonder how much of that is due to pouring technique vs. the actual beer being different?

    2. I'd say about 75% of it is pouring techniques. A bad pour really screws up Guinness.

      I've sampled widely... :)

  3. Oh no! Hope you get better soon!

    And yes, interesting how single payer health care gives such terrible service compared to what we get here in the states... (Oh, wait...)

    1. Yeah, I was pretty surprised. Unless maybe I got such good service because they knew I was paying cash for it. I doubt that though. Everyone else was moving through the waiting room pretty quickly.

    2. Our American friends living in London are also amazed by the health service and the short wait times.

  4. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! (You've intrigued me about the Guinness now. Hmmmmm.)


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