Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Looking for a few good apps?

I've been meaning to post about appSmitten for a while.  It's a brilliant idea, really.  It's a daily or weekly curated newsletter about phone/tablet apps in categories you're interested in.  You choose whether you want iPhone, iPad or Android recommendations.  They have a separate newsletter focusing on kids' apps.

Every parenting email list I'm on has had a query about what apps are good for kids.  People cobble together what's worked for them, but it's hard to just "discover" these apps in the app stores, because there are *so many* bad ones.  And who wants to pay for something that sucks?!

I'm digging the appSmitten newsletter because it's led me to a few kids' apps I know T will like and other interesting apps I would never have found on my own.  TJ has an Android tablet and we both have Android phones so I'm especially happy it only shows me what's available for our platform.

The newsletter is short and sweet and easy to read.  Give it a try

This post is sponsored by BlogHer, but the endorsement is totally my own.  I don't lie about stuff I like.

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