Monday, October 29, 2012

Traditional scrapbooking scares me

My friend Jenn is an avid scrapbooker.  She has TONS of albums completed, and is one of those people who actually reaches the mythical state of being "caught up".  I've been eyeing her craftiness for a couple of years now, but could not bring myself to take the leap and do traditional scrapbooking.  You know, making one and two page layouts, either 12x12" or 8.5x11".  Selecting pictures, coming up with a title, finding embellishments to match and telling a story.

When I think about a blank page in front of me, especially a 12x12" size page, I freeze up.  Too many decisions to make.  Too much creative freedom paralyzes me.  I don't know where to start.

The projects I like are more constrained.  Mini albums from a kit, with assembly instructions.  Simple mini albums of my own design, but with a repeating design theme throughout.  Project Life with its convenient grid-like slots to fill. Cards for specific occasions and people.

I read about a "Favorite Photos" scrapbook album in one of Cathy Zielske's books.  I love the idea because it's non-chronological and I can keep adding to it.  Plus, it consolidates all of my favorite photos ever into one physical album we will always enjoy looking through.  Right now some are framed and the rest are hidden away on our hard drive.

I took an online class a few months ago at Studio Calico to explore current trends in papercrafting.  There were weekly assignments to make cards and scrapbook layouts.  I figured this was as good a time as any to get over my fear and jump right in.

The album I wanted to store these in is 8x8", so I didn't have to face a blank 12x12" page.  I made one layout which I'm not terribly excited about and need to redo.  

But I did a second one for the lesson on ombre and like it enough to show you.  

I stumbled on the color combo of light blue and hot pink, and am officially in love.  I used my extensive collection of washi tape to make the circle grid card and my brand new Hero Arts neon pink ink to stamp the little envelope and color the doily.  I'm not usually a doily kind of person, but thought it was ok here.  (Now I'm the crazy person who takes clean doilies home from restaurants when we get them!)

When I posted this layout in the gallery for my class, it was slightly different, with big stickers for the date that were not the right proportion.  I knew it wasn't pleasing, but wasn't sure how to fix it.  And then a wonderful classmate suggested stamping the date with an office date stamp instead.  I thought it might look nice on a piece of washi tape (you know I love me some washi tape).  I love being able to crowdsource crafty ideas!

The photo was taken by the most excellent Kristi Lloyd at T's 2.5-year photo shoot.  It's in one of the lounges at Microsoft.  The funky couch pattern and her expression make this one of my favorites.  I also love that we're in the background but you have to look hard to notice.

It took me a long time to put this together, but I'm still happy with it every time I look at it.  This gives me hope that I might actually be able to put together a decent "Favorite Photos" album.  I've got 2 more photos waiting for me to make pages, and the original layout to redo, so plenty of fun things to work on!  Now, if only I could find the time...


  1. This is amazing! Great Layout! :) and your daughter is ADORABLE!

  2. This is a FANTASTIC Layout!

    And good for you for jumping into a project that meets your needs!

  3. LOVE LOVE that ombre doily! This layout is great, dont let layouts scare you! If you mess up, then just dont show the world. Your family will never know the difference, haha. My husband couldnt tell me the difference between my favorite layout and my least favorite in my albums. There are tons of layouts I make and dont post on the internet because I dont like them, but my family doesnt know that :)

  4. This is gorgeous! Make more layouts. I love the ombre doily. Going to have to scraplift that one.

  5. Welcome to the dark side! LOVE the layout. Your crafy-ness out shines mine in a heart beat. I think you'll be an excellent scrapbooker. And as for that photo of T...OMG..I love that look on her face. Great capture.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! The ombre work is very eye-catching.

  7. Um, yeah, you're smart AND artsy? I hate you. :-P

  8. Awesome layout! Ombre is tons of fun :) You did an amazing job with it too, hope to see more layouts. As for the time? I find a quick power nap during sesame street time fuels my night time crafting...just kidding (sort of).


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