Monday, November 19, 2012

Project Life: November 2012, Halloween & Election

This was a week where I had way more photos than slots for my Project Life pages.  It covered Halloween and I had a million billion pictures of my darling big girl in her ladybug costume, which she selected back in June and never wavered.

I've also been relying on my phone camera and Instagram for day to day photos.  I'd like to spend more time with the fancy DSLR but it's so big that it's hard to take with us when we're out and about.

I had limited time to finish these pages, so I tried to keep them simple.  Also, I had so many photos that I didn't have much room for craftiness anyway.  Click each photo for a larger view.

Oct 29-Nov 11: Pumpkin farm, election, Twede's, preschool

Oct 29 - Nov 11: Halloween, sisters making faces

My favorite slot - I've been saving these guys for something special :)

I got a little crafty.
I finally used some of the paper from one of those huge paper pads I keep buying when they go on super-sale at our local JoAnn's.  I've finally stopped buying them, because I have more paper than I can possibly ever use and I've come to realize I'm not a fan of themed stuff.  But I was glad to have some "spooky" paper for Halloween - those monsters are adorable.

Oh, and I have two new white pens that actually work well - the Uniball Signo and the Sakura Gelly Roll in plain white. It's like the papercrafting holy grail - an opaque white ink pen that works more than the first time, and writes smoothly.  I've tried a bunch, but these are my favorites.  And even better, Amazon has them for non-extortion prices.

Thanks for sticking with me through 3 crafty posts.  I promise I'll go back to writing about something else, for my non-crafty readers out there!


  1. super cute PL spread! I LOVE those little monsters!

    1. Thanks! I know, I love how they're not at all scary. I had been wondering if I'd ever have an appropriate place to use them - I don't make Halloween cards, etc. I'm so excited to use them for PL!

  2. Great PL layouts. I am hoping Santa will be bring me a PL kit for christmas this year. I just hope I can make it through the year.

  3. Adorable pages! Those costumes are simply precious!

  4. Wonderful pages. Your two little ladybugs are so sweet.

  5. I just love the PL style! Great use of embellishments!


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