Saturday, December 22, 2012

Awesome Christmas Crafts from Target

Target is not usually on my list of places to buy craft supplies, unless they're specifically for T. But recently, Target got some nice papercrafting and scrapbooking supplies so I always cruise through that aisle.

There was a really cute 'Merry Christmas' banner kit by American Crafts, which I figured would be an easy one for my monthly "Banner Year" project.  I realized quickly that the whole banner would be WAY too long for our mantel, so I decided to just use the 'MERRY' portion. I also wanted to use my pretty supplies to embellish it, since it was a very simple kit.  (Click on photos to see a larger version.)

It was really fun to put together and the kit components were high quality.  I added some doilies, wood veneer trees colored with ink, sequins and brads (love shiny stuff!), rockin' Martha Stewart glitter glue, glitter twine, and of course, some washi tape.  The snowflakes and buttons are from my Studio Calico December Daily album kit.  The individual banner shapes are quite small - around 4x6"- so it works perfectly on our mantel with the two stockings.

The second Target craft this month was a decorate-your-own-snowman kit I bought for T. It's actually labeled for age 6 and up, probably because of the tiny stickers. The kit was only $5 and contains everything you need to make *20* snowmen.

It's given T hours of enjoyment and we still have snowmen left to make.  It's not terribly fancy - everything is made of craft foam and there are sticky eyes, buttons, arms, noses, mouths, scarves, hats, and letters.  Even TJ joined in the fun and made a few!

This is some serious crafting.

I made the one on the left.

We'll probably string them together as a banner, which T insists should be in her room, and hopefully next year she'll let me hang it in our house somewhere, because these guys are super cute.

I love Target, especially with unexpected cool crafty finds like these.  We may go back after Christmas and snag a few more of the craft kits for next year - there was a cute Christmas tree one like the snowmen, and I'd like to see what American Crafts holiday stuff goes on sale as well!


  1. Very very cute! I love the banner idea for the snowman. I didnt realize you made a bannwr a month. I love making banners but try to limit myself. May jump in and try this plan next year with you :)

    1. I have a SERIOUS weakness for banners. I started this project with my Thanksgiving one. I'd love for you to do it too. Maybe I should do one of those link-up things ;)

  2. Those guys are super cute! I can't believe Target there sells crafty things - wish ours did.

    1. It's actually dangerous that they do because I'm at the store nearly every week to buy diapers or groceries or whatnot. I have to restrain myself from buying the crafty stuff each time!

  3. I almost bought the snowmen kit when I was at Target this evening. =) I put a couple of ornament kits (that use the same foam stickers) in the girls' stockings last year, and they never made them. G found them tonight, and they had fun making snowman and penguin ornaments--very cute.

    1. Cool! TJ bought a similar snowflake kit from another store so we'll work on those too. The only issue is what to do with all the things we make ;)


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