Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here I Go Again: BlogHer Book Club Review

When I read the summary of Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster, I knew it would be a "fluffy" book so I went into it with the appropriate expectations.  

I finished it in a couple of days, only reading while I was nursing BabyM.  It's not the kind of book that requires intense concentration, and the story line was simple and fairly predictable.

This wasn't one of my favorite BlogHer Book Club books. I'm not a fan of time travel books in general, but this one also lacked substance and originality.  The writing was competent with a few funny lines, but not remarkable.  I couldn't drum up any sympathy for Lissy, the "queen bee" main character, even after her 'amazing transformation' at the end.

The 80s heavy metal references made it more likeable since that was the music of my teenage years and like Lissy, I lamented the transition to the grunge era in the 90s.  There were tons of current pop culture references sprinkled throughout the book, which was amusing now but in a year or two will seem terribly dated (or just confusing).  The funniest parts were the texting conversations between Lissy and Deva, but clearly those were inspired by Damn You Autocorrect.

I love a happy ending, but this one was way too neat and tidy for my liking. Reading this book was like eating a Twinkie - tastes okay while you're eating it, but you quickly regret its sugary fakeness when it's over.

Nearly all my friends lament their lack of reading time.  I definitely would not recommend this book as there are better candidates out there, even in the "chick lit" genre.

I was compensated for this review by BlogHer Book Club but the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Great! Always looking for good book recommendations (and knowing what to stay away from is good too)! I don't have enough free time to waste it on a crappy book.

    So I just read, "What Alice Forgot" and it was actually quite good. 4/5 stars, I'd say.

    1. Oh yeah, I really liked What Alice Forgot - I think you saw my review of it, right?

      Yeah, this book was nowhere near that good. Definitely not worth the time if you don't have much to begin with :)

  2. I enjoyed What Alice Forgot, but I'll skip this one. Thanks for the review!

  3. Your reviews are helpful. Ill have to look for the Alice one

  4. Good to know. I won't waste my time. I'm trying to get through a tough read right now. Its a good, heavy book, and sometimes I want just a fluffy read. But I have plenty of them, so I won't add this one.


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