Sunday, February 03, 2013

Currently 2

Wow, I am feeling uninspired to write, so now is a good time for another 'Currently' post.

Still nothing. Haven't watched any TV in weeks.  I'm sure we've got episodes of Glee, Grey's Anatomy and The Mindy Project to catch up on. It's just not a priority for the tiny amount of free time we do have, since none of those shows are kid-appropriate.

Scott Kelby's excellent Adobe Lightroom 4 book. TJ bought it for me for Christmas. It's very dense and full of information so I can only read a few pages a day.  But I've learned so much already and I'm just starting Chapter 2.  Yay!

I really need to listen to more music at home. Hmm, I'm starting to see a trend here - no TV, no good fiction, and no music.  Maybe that explains the grouchiness.

Project Life 2013. I actually should be working on the second half of January now, but Lightroom is moving too slow for me. I'm also trying to finish my 2012 holiday album but am feeling very apathetic towards it.  I am pretty stoked about the greeting card set I made for my neglected papercraftlab shop.

Grouchy. Not sure why. Have been eating more sugar and white carbs than usual, so I suspect that's part of the problem. See also: 4 month sleep regression.

Bought a super cute bright red Martha Stewart binder today so I can get my domestic bliss on.  I need to have a place to track my daily, weekly and monthly personal tasks, and it's too easy to ignore them on Google Calendar, where I have them now.  I think I'm a paper girl at heart.

Had a ton of nice one-on-one time with T this week.  We had a couple of outings, dinner, a trip to the symphony.  Feel like I'm not missing out on her life as much now.  Also, BabyM is nursing fewer times a day so I'm not trapped in the bedroom nearly as much.

Now your turn!

Linked up with Kristin, who's running the Currently project.


  1. I love reading these posts but I hate doing them - isn't that weird?

    So glad you're getting time with T!

    I'm also a bit out of sorts today - mine is largely due to that very big but quiet word TRUST as pertains to my work!

    But there's also a friend issue - it's just an inkling so it's nothing I can quite put my finger on but something is niggly.

  2. I added a pretty on depth binder to my household planner this year. I used franklin covey one-day-per-page calendar system. I love that I have a place for appointments, todos, and a journal area at the bottom I am using for project life. Good luck

    1. ooh, that should make PL much easier, right? good idea!

  3. Love your currently posts. I have these journaling cards for PL and really need to incorporate a currently card there very soon:)

  4. Great posts, will have to do this one day :)

  5. Here's mine!
    I've been grouchy, too. Maybe it's going around. =) I've been thinking about maybe getting Lightroom, and you're the 2nd person recently to mention that book.

    1. I am planning to do an intro post about Lightroom soon. I really like it - we have SO MANY photos and I needed some way to organize them and be able to weed out the bad ones quickly.

  6. I am also a paper girl at heart. The sooner I accept this, the happier I will be. My calendar is a real calendar. With pages.

    1. I would do a real calendar in a heartbeat, but we need a shared one for family stuff, so we use Google calendar. Also, work uses Outlook, and I love having both work and personal calendars on my phone.

  7. I don't have lightroom (or any photo editing program for that matter) besides Picasa and PAINT.NET (free online). I've been told lightroom is a good starter (vs. photoshop) so am considering buying it. Is it pretty easy to learn?


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