Monday, January 14, 2013


When I got really into papercrafting last year I started reading a bunch of new blogs - one of them is Kristin's.  She's got a new project called "Currently" where she writes about what's going on right now, each week.  It also makes a great entry for Project Life pages and she's got some really cute downloadable printable journal cards for exactly that purpose.

Since I know myself, I won't commit to doing this weekly. But I liked the similar "right now" prompt I did back in September (and what a momentous "right now" it happened to be!).

Since I'm sick and my brain is full of goo, this is perfect.

Nothing. Haven't watched any TV in weeks.  I'm sure we've got episodes of Glee, Grey's Anatomy and The Mindy Project to catch up on.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. You know when that comes out we're having sleep troubles. Also on a lighter note, I just started Here I Go Again for BlogHer Book Club.

Whatever's on the radio. I'm not driving enough to plug in my phone and listen to good music.  Sad!

Starting Project Life 2013, finishing 2012 holiday album. Super excited about both! Also, taking custom orders in my Etsy shop so I'm making some One Little Word necklaces and Valentine's Day gifts.

Sick, sick, sick. Horrible sinus infection. Very tired and icky, but getting better.

Just getting started doing my 2012 business taxes and need to finish by the end of the month. Trying to do a little at a time. Also starting to think (just a little) about the end of maternity leave which is in about 6 weeks.  Sigh.

Fabulous husband taking over 3yo duty as well as keeping the household running while I lie uselessly in bed. Also thankful for the in-laws who are here and willing to hold a baby or drink "tea" with the 3yo.

OK, your turn!  Link up your 'Currently' in the comments.  I'd love for you to play along.


  1. love your list. So sorry you aren't feeling well :( Sinus infections are the worst! Feel better soon :) & thanks so much for playing along and linking up

  2. Oooohhh I like this. I may still this for my blog sometime this week.

  3. I am sorry you are feeling sick! I've been wondering if i'm developing a sinus infection over the past few days...trying to keep it at bay with lots of water and sleep. I too, haven't watched TV in weeks! I can't believe your leave is over so soon! I feel like it just started!!!?! We should get together for lunch sometime once you are back in the office. :)

    1. Definitely! I could actually grab lunch now, even, since TJ is home and my days are more open :) Will send an email once I'm not so sick.

  4. I always have these bright ideas about linking up to these things and I never get around to them because I always have so much to talk about!

    Get well soon!

  5. This is exactly what I use my LJ for, but in more of a "what did you do last week?" tracker. I try to write something there at least once a week (and mostly succeed), and I have entries dating back to 2003. It's fun to go back and remind myself of what life was like, and also have the details of when/where/who I was dealing with at the time.

    Hope you kick the sinus infection soon!

    1. So cool that you have this all the way back to 2003. Love it. That's why I do Project Life - it's fun in a crafty way, but when I look back at it, it's all the little details I would have forgotten.

  6. I love that you are a professional, a mom, and you love paper crafts. Me too! Maybe I just love that someone has the same interests as me. I have aspirations of doing Project Life, but I did it for exactly two weeks last year before Real Life took over. Depressing! Do you do it every week?
    Also, on your currently "watching" prompt, I just got the first season of "Girls" from Netflix. It's pretty good. Gritty, but it captures really well the awkwardness and spirit of being 20.

    1. Thanks for reading! I do my PL every 2 weeks - that works much better for me. Monthly is too long - it doesn't capture enough of the "everyday" but 2 weeks is just perfect. I also MUST have the entire thing fit in one album per year, which is totally doable with 2 weeks/2 pages.

      I'm not sure I want to revisit those feelings of my 20s!! Even for entertainment :)

  7. I really like this idea. I need something to prompt me to write so I can get back on track with blogging. Here's my first one...


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